Toxic Mercury Amalgam

Toxic Mercury – The Beautiful Poison

It’s hard to believe that something this beautiful
– hidden in those toxic mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth –
may be poisoning you.

Are you slowly killing yourself in your efforts to improve your health?

You brush your teeth regularly, rinse with a strong mouthwash, even floss now and then. And, when this does not work, you get your cavities filled with “silver.”

Most people don’t know that those “silver” fillings are made up of over 50% mercury – the most toxic non-radioactive metal known to man – More deadly than lead, cadmium or even arsenic.

You may be slowly poisoning yourself with mercury leaking from those “silver” fillings.

Over 200 million Americans have had this highly toxic metal placed in their mouths, creating what many leading researchers believe to be a “toxic time bomb.”

The World Health Organization has identified dental amalgam as the major source of mercury contamination in humans.

What’s hard to believe is that mercury amalgam is legally treated as a highly dangerous material before it is placed in your mouth and after it is removed. However, for almost 200 years traditional dentists have insisted that, once the mercury is mixed into an amalgam and placed in your mouth, it becomes a safe and stable substance.

We now know that is not true. This poisonous metal implanted in your teeth is continuously leaking into your body, where it collects over time.

Some experts believe that up to 90% of Americans are adversely affected by low-level mercury poisoning.

One of the damaging effects of low-level mercury poisoning is weakening the immune system. Mercury leaking from your fillings could play a part in almost every illness, both major and minor, including cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome.

There are almost fifty signs and symptoms that are often seen in low-level mercury toxicity.


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13 Responses to Toxic Mercury Amalgam

  1. Veva says:

    I have 9 of them. Someon all 4 sides of my mouth. Had them since I was 9 years old and now I’m dying because of them. The horror story continuous when my current dentist said even if I had cash in hand to pay to have them removed, she was unable to take responsibility for it and would be unable to follow through with the procedure due to risks of exposing herself and staff to the high toxic levels of mercury.

    • Veva says:

      To top it off I have seen about 12 different doctors who say there is nothing wrong with me. I have been treated at a mental health facility for psychosis but later released with a diagnosis of PTSD. Most my family has given up on me and written me off as crazy and I have had to battle for custody of my children (which I have 5 of them). I am a grandma this year and my oldest daughter thinks I’ve let her and her son down because every doctor tells her I’m imagining these symptoms. It’s dreadful and it’s basically the same thing as Mad Hatters and Minimatas disease. I’m not hopeless but I am desperate.

      • Rene Belz says:

        Please know that you are not alone. Unfortunately, we hear this from patients quite often. Mad Hatters Syndrome is a real thing! Just think about the movie Alice in Wonderland… The Mad Hatter was dipping the brims of hats in mercury and became toxic! Mercury “silver” amalgam fillings are no different. Where do you live? Are you able to see a Biological Dentist?

  2. The other day I happen to see some video related to this topic which had the interviews of patients who were affected due to this amalgam or silver fillings. It is really a pity that still these silver or amalgam fillings are used by certain dentists. I wish that this silver filling should be banned from using it in the patient’s mouth.

    • Admin says:

      Thank you very much for your comment. Please help us spread the word about the dangers of mercury or “silver” fillings! We hope to have these banned in the U.S. very soon.

  3. katrin kammler says:

    just wanted you to know that i went to a dentist in mayo, ireland and she said to me that it was not proven that amalgan is poisoness, so she filled up a tooth that was damaged with a new dot of amalgan and sent me home,
    can i complain? how distressing is this? very.
    I have a so called madical card and have to tolerate this.

    • Admin says:

      Hi, I am sorry to hear about this and I understand that you may feel upset and confused. I would encourage you to read more throughout this site on the dangers of mercury fillings to get a better understanding. Also, feel free to check out to see some of the steps that should be taken during mercury removal. Please feel free to ask more questions.

  4. ayman bulugma says:

    i am a dentist work at health goverment of school department and right now iam giving away in the streets of my city a papers that explane the danger from the amalgm filling

  5. I recieved one of these fillings and thank GOD just ONE never more. STILL i find myself here about a decade later LITERALLY scratching my head. holding my back and my face is covered in lichen. thinck itchy skin. which is very suseptable to staph infection. NOT TO MENTION i was hopitalized for pneumonia. lost several jobs and am perminantly STUNTED AND AUTISTIC aspergers syndrome. i recieved my beautiful poison when i was about 10 and from the same doctor whom my mother saw her whole life, she has many fillings….. i have autism. coincidence….??? im tired of suffering. but it took a long time to get to this conclusion.

    • Admin says:

      Well, I can tell you that you are not alone and I am glad you have found our site. Have you had the “silver” filling removed?

  6. wilson soto gonzalez says:

    me gustaría saber como podríamos los usuarios de las eps obtener el beneficio de las calzas en los dientes que no sean con amalgamas, por el bien de nuestra salud.
    ya que las eps cobran por otro tipo de calzas que no sean de mercurio

  7. Dr. Richard Edlich says:

    Your video is outdated, on December 14th and 15th the dental panel of the FDA had a meeting in Maryland to discuss the dangers of mercury amalgam. All members of the panel agreed that mercury amalgam should never be given to pregnant women as well as young children. Despite the uniform agreement of the panel, the FDA has not alerted the country to the decision of the dental panel. Your video should be immediately revised to include the results of the dental panel from December 2010.

    • Admin says:

      Thank you for leaving a comment. You’re absolutely right about the importance of the FDA panel meeting. In fact, we have devoted an entire website to this issue. Please check out our new site and help us to spread the word on banning mercury amalgam.

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