The Institute’s Position on Fluoride

All About Fluoride

You probably have not even considered that fluoride has any effects other than beneficial. Anyone born after World War Ii has been educated about the beneficial effects of fluoride to reduce dental cavities. After all, fluoride is placed in our water and in our toothpastes as well as applied to our teeth when we visit the dentist.

But – Have you read the back of the tube of toothpaste lately? There’s a warning from the Food and Drug Administration – “keep out of the reach of children and contact poison control if accidentally swallowed.” How safe is this fluoride that is protecting us from cavities? Would you be surprised to find out fluoride is second to arsenic in toxicity and more toxic than lead?

There are scientific studies to correlate a link between fluoride and an increase in hip fractures as well as bone cancer. The most noted study, done in New York, compared two communities over an extended number of years — one with fluoride, one without.

The conclusion: no evidence that fluoride reduced the number of cavities.

A survey in British Columbia reported the highest cavity rates occurred in the provinces that were totally on unfluoridated.

Also it has been clearly demonstrated that over ingestion of fluoridated water causes dental fluorosis or mottling. This is evidenced by chalky white areas on teeth and in advanced cases the teeth exhibit yellow, brown and black stains, pitting of the enamel, and breaking of the tips of teeth.

So, if there are no clinical studies to prove fluoride prevents cavities, and there are potential damaging health effects from fluoride, and may cause mottling of the teeth, why are we exposing ourselves and our children to this?

We have not been given the choice in our drinking water but we can drink filtered or ionized water. We also have a choice not to use fluoride toothpastes or to avoid fluoride treatment from our dentist.

How concerned is the Institute about the possible negative health effects of fluoride? We could earn at least an extra $100,000 each year by giving fluoride treatments. That’s almost two million dollars in extra income the Institute has given up over the past twenty years. If that’s not commitment, what is?

If you want to believe this is just my opinion, research for yourself – you owe it to yourself and your children.