Are you tired?

Illness and Mercury

An Unspoken Connection: The Link Between Mercury Based Fillings and Chronic Fatigue

Are you tired? Have you ever been tired? Have you ever been more than tired, exhausted, totally spent? And I don’t mean the kind of tired you get from a hard day of work, a long weekend or with missing a few hours of sleep over the course of a couple of nights. No, I am talking about being tired, exhausted, all the time. I’m talking about feeling like your reserves are all gone and you’re just barely hanging on with caffeine and will power. I’m talking about the kind of tired that doesn’t go away with a full night of sleep. I’m talking about Chronic Fatigue and for those person’s who are dealing with that kind of tired all day, every day, I am here to offer some hope.

The problem with being tired in this country is that we tend to equate it with being hungry. The solution to the problem becomes a rather simple one. Namely, you’re hungry and you eat. If you’re tired, you sleep. And many of us do sleep; sleep well in fact, but we still wake up tired. So, we try going to bed earlier, cut back on activities, take sleeping pills or listen to self help tapes all to end up back at the same place: utterly exhausted, fatigued, and chronically so.

For those who end up at the same point of fatigue even after seeing doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and anyone else whom might be able to help; they are left with more questions and frustrations than answers and solutions.

But what if I said that your dentist might have some insight into your chronic fatigue. What if I told you that there is a link between your ‘silver’ fillings and chronic fatigue. What if I told you that your teeth may hold the secret solution to helping you to deal with your chronic fatigue. But, what if I also had to tell you that the link between your ‘silver’ fillings and your chronic fatigue was not something that would be openly spoken about. And what if I told you that the American Dental Association used Mercury as a 50% component of your ‘silver’ fillings and that Mercury is the most toxic metal known to man that does not have radiation?

Now, what if I told you that knowing that mercury is not supposed to be in your body does not mean that the established medical community would be willing, and ready, to help you. Where would you turn to then?

Dr. Sambataro has been a dentist for over 30 years and in that time he has gone through a genesis of understanding. He has transformed himself into one of the leading experts on the link between ‘silver’ fillings and chronic fatigue. More specifically, he understands that the ADA’s use of ‘silver’ fillings, of which he placed hundreds if not thousands of, is really a catalyst for gum disease and other negative side effects associated with having a toxic metal, specifically mercury, in the system. It was his experience as a practicing dentist that helped him to understand that the link between chronic fatigue and mercury was something he could not ignore for the health and well being of his patients.

As a practicing dentist, Dr. Sambataro began to notice certain patterns for those person’s that he treated. He began to notice that those who had once been very active had been slowing down. He noticed that sometimes people who had dental procedures where cavities where being filled led to a slow down in lifestyle and an increase in fatigue. And, as he began to notice this trend he also began to search for some linking factor between all of these individuals who were claiming to be tired all the time. And after examining all the data he was only left with one unique connection between all of the individuals and their claims of chronic fatigue. ‘Silver’ fillings were the only consistent connection his patients shared.

At first he did not want to accept the fact that there might be a link between the mercury in the fillings and the chronic fatigue experienced by his patients but he kept coming back to that point. He kept trying to discount the potential impact on health that mercury could, and seemed to be having, on his patients. But eventually he was left with no other alternative. It had to be the fillings and there was only one way to test this hypothesis. He had to remove the mercury based fillings and replace them to see if any change occurred in the lives of his patients. He was not prepared for what happened.

To understand the link between cavities, fillings, gum disease and chronic fatigue you first have to understand how a ‘silver’ filling is made. A ‘silver’ filling is 50% mercury, and the other 50% is made up of silver, tin, copper and zinc. The mercury is used because it is soft and easy to work with but even when two dentists first brought this idea to America in the late 1800’s it was known to be toxic. In fact, the ADA sprang towards the idea that this type of filling was a safe and affordable alternative to the gold being used when a tooth was to be filled.

However, before we get to the outcome of the initial dental procedure where mercury based fillings were removed we have to discuss what mercury can do inside the body. First, it is important to understand that mercury is a very active metal once it is introduced into the human body. Mercury seeks out the thyroid and the thyroid hormone, which results in HYPO-THYROIDISM. Of course someone dealing with hypo-thyroidism is lethargic, sluggish, tired and they have no energy. Mercury that is being leached from your ‘silver’ fillings could be destroying your thyroid and you might not even know it. Imagine if your chronic fatigue was due to something that was put inside your body that never should have been there in the first place. What if solving one part of your chronic fatigue meant undoing something you thought would help you, namely changing your fillings from mercury based to some other safe metal so you did not have to live with the side effects of constant, low level, mercury poisoning? But Mercury does not stop there.

Mercury can also attack the pituitary gland, the adrenal gland and the heart. It can displace the ‘heme’ in hemoglobin so your red blood cells cannot effectively carry oxygen. Mercury can also attack the white blood cells which makes it harder for your body to fight infection. And since the mercury laced tissue is recognized as foreign by the body your immune system begins attacking your body. All of these reactions to the Mercury could be what you’re living with every day and if your body never gets a break, never gets a chance to heal properly you can start to see how being tired might not be a by-product of too much activity or not enough rest. No, your chronic fatigue might be directly linked to your bodies reaction to having a toxic metal implanted inside it.

And, at the core of this entire issue is the health of your gum tissue and the teeth which are holding the mercury based fillings. Your gums are very vulnerable to infection as a natural result of where they are and what they do. They are in a hot, moist environment where foreign particles are introduced constantly. There are bacteria that feed off of the food that enters the mouth and their by-products wear away our enamel, put plaque on our teeth and compromise the health of our gums. All of this is worsened by the mercury in our fillings which impacts our bodies ability to fight infection. The combination of these serious health implications is that the longer we remain tired, the longer our chronic fatigue limits our ability to live our life, the more severe the impact on our health from mercury is. If you are just plain tired of being tired please continue to read. So, Dr. Sambataro decided to remove mercury based fillings from one of this patients to see if there would be any change. And, he was not prepared for the positive reaction he received.

After learning that he had to have special equipment to keep both he and his staff safe from the mercury, he proceeded with the removal of mercury based fillings. At that time he was not sure how long it would take for his patient to notice any change, but he did not have to wait long. The very next day he received a phone call from a person who had more energy than she knew what to do with. She was out walking, working in her garden and all of this without feeling so tired she could barely make it. Suffice it to say that he was both astounded and amazed. And, over the years, he has transformed himself into an expert on the link between ‘silver’ fillings and chronic fatigue. He has become a Biological dentist who specializes in treating the whole person so they can rid themselves of their chronic fatigue and get back to the lives they want to live.

So, your journey back to health has led you to this web site and if you are like many of the people who come here then lights and ideas are filling your mind. But, I have to tell you that learning about why you are dealing with chronic fatigue is only half the battle. You have to be ready to take the next step of getting more information until you learn as much as you can because only then can you really find the help you deserve, and need, to get back to your life.