Multiple Sclerosis

Illness and Mercury

Heavy Metal Poisoning

By Gary P. Owen

MS and mercury poisoning is something that rears its head from time to time and needs to be taken seriously. The substances in the blood harmful to nerves are kept separate by a special filtering layer in the walls of blood vessels called the endothelium. This is particularly important in the brain where the filter mechanism is known as the blood brain barrier.

Any number of life events can cause this barrier to be breached, including stress, tiredness, fever, emotional upset, heat, injury and eating too much fat. This allows chemicals from the blood which are poisonous to the nervous system into the brain where they can cause serious damage. Heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, and aluminum are well-known examples of such potent neurotoxins.

Some researchers now believe that MS is a direct result of neurotoxins from the blood entering the central nervous system through the brain and some researchers claim they have found mercury levels more than seven times higher than normal in the spinal fluid of people with MS. This research lays the blame on the high amounts of mercury used in routine dental fillings and indeed some countries have now already banned the use of mercury fillings.

Shortly after I was diagnosed with MS I made a decision to have all of my mercury fillings removed because of articles I had read which linked MS and mercury. I had quite a lot of them and it took several visits to the dentist to have them all removed and replaced with white fillings. The dentist could only remove two at a time because to remove any more would have introduced too much mercury to my system at the one time. This surprised me because I had this dangerous substance in my mouth for a number of years, and was never made aware when I was getting them of the potential dangers. I now insist and pay extra to ensure that my children do not get mercury fillings and it might be something that you want to consider as well.

A few months after having the fillings removed I did begin to feel slightly better but at the same time I also embarked on a brand new diet. I took control of my MS and decided that I was going to control it rather than it control me.

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I am not a doctor nor am I qualified in medicine in any way. These are things that have worked for me in controlling my MS. Before undertaking any diet or fitness regime you should always consult your physician first.

Thanks for reading,

Gary P. Owen

Article Source: P Owen