Dangers of Removal

The Dangers of Removal


If you have already decided to have your mercury amalgam fillings replaced, you have made an important decision towards enhancing and protecting your health.

However, you should know that there are definite risks involved in the removal of this highly toxic metal. That’s why you absolutely must seek out a biological/holistic/toxic-free dentist that has been trained in the proper protocol for the safe removal of mercury amalgam.

This protocol will include an exploration of your present level of mercury toxicity. We will also explore detoxification procedures that you will use after the amalgam removal. In addition, our protocol calls for special precautions for both you and the dental staff during the removal of amalgam.

How to Protect Yourself and Your Family

The first thing you should do is complete the free Mercury/Toxic Metal Sensitivity Questionnaire.

This will help determine whether mercury is harming you.

Your next line of defense, if you are not suffering any symptoms, is to avoid any further risk. When those old mercury amalgams need to be replaced, or if you develop new cavities, choose to have only biocompatible materials placed in your mouth.

If you are experiencing symptoms of mercury toxicity, or if you want to avoid even the possibility that your health may be jeopardized, you should consider having all your amalgams removed.

Although there is no guarantee that your symptoms will be eliminated or your illness will be relieved, several studies have shown that, if the proper protocol is followed, around 85% who choose to have their toxic fillings replaced do experience relief.