Why I Stopped Using Mercury

All About Mercury

A personal message from Dr. Gene Sambataro
Founder, Institute for Biological Dentistry

It has been more than 21 years since I placed mercury amalgam in a patient’s mouth. I decided in 1987 to never place another. Up to that point, I believed, along with almost all other dentists, that the 50% mercury content in these mercury amalgams was safe. My dental education and the information being written by the American Dental Association agreed on this “fact”.

But in 1987 that all changed. I had read a number of reports showing how dangerous mercury from amalgam fillings was to the dentist and the dental staff. These reports indicated that extensive care had to be taken when handling and disposing of the mercury amalgam. I certainly didn’t want to jeopardize the health of my staff or myself. Then it occurred to me, if this stuff is so dangerous to the dental staff, wouldn’t it also be unhealthy for the patient?

At this point, I wasn’t aware of the extensive scientific literature that was beginning to accumulate on how dangerous mercury amalgam was to the patient. So, my initial decision to stop using mercury in my office was based on my desire to be cautious and ultra-conservative in guarding the health of my patients and my staff.

Mercury is very toxic and it does leach out of the fillings. In fact, mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive material known, including arsenic, lead, asbestos, etc. Many countries in Europe have banned mercury amalgams. There is a movement in the USA to ban mercury thermometers because of the inherent danger of mercury poisoning. However, the methyl mercury vapor that is emitted from fillings is 100 times more toxic than the elemental mercury in thermometers.

What’s even more shocking though is that more than 100 million amalgam fillings are still placed in patient’s teeth in the United States every year. That’s over 50 tons of poisonous mercury!

However, even with this new information, it was illegal for me to tell you why I had made the change to a mercury-free office. You see, the Maryland State Dental Board had imposed a gag rule on all dentists to prevent informing patients of the toxicity of mercury amalgams.

But things are different now. There are several other states that have recently passed laws forcing dentists to inform their patients of possible dangers of mercury prior to placing their fillings. Fortunately, a judge in Baltimore has lifted the gag rule in the State of Maryland. At last, I can tell you the truth about mercury amalgams. I am still likely to get harassed by the State Dental Board, but at least I will not be breaking the law.

Everyone who has mercury in their mouths is slowly being contaminated. Even infants, because of the mother’s fillings, have been found to have high mercury levels. The mercury passes through the placental barrier and, later on, through breast milk. If you are interested in learning about a protocol to check for mercury toxicity and how to eliminate this poison from your body, please contact us at the Institute.

I want you to understand that mercury is not the cause of all health problems, but it is a major contributor to ill health and it may be just the factor to push you over the edge. Why expose yourself to this toxic material 24 hours a day by keeping the mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth?

If you’re at all concerned about mercury poisoning, click this link to get a copy of our Mercury/Toxic Metal Sensitivity Questionnaire and mail it in with your patient application. It’s a short, 30-item evaluation that will help us decide if you suffer from mercury toxicity. Also, it is possible to measure the mercury level in your mouth with special instrumentation that I now have at the office.