Cavitation? What’s that?

Dangers of Toxic Dentistry

From Lymenaide: living in harmony with Lyme


Hey guys, so there is something else I wanted to discuss with you, probably one of the reasons why I’m better.  Again, I am not a doctor so I can’t really comment about the “why’s” of things but I have a sneaky suspicion it really helped.  Actually, I’ll be honest I hate medicine.  Being bounced around from doctor to doctor made me really hate the medical field.

I know there are some great doctors out there.  I just happened to come across the minority that take my crappy insurance and always told me after every appointment shrugging their shoulders “I don’t know what’s wrong with you.  Maybe you should eat more protein?”.  My usual response was a sarcastic, “Yeah, right.  Protein is going to get me out of this”, as I handed my 25 dollar co-pay to the receptionist.  Leaving these doctor appointments with massive brain fog/derealization made [me] either want to bang my head against the wall or get hit by a car (whichever came first).

When I got off the phone with Perry in July I honestly thought I was going to die.  If I had money I would have written a will (probably leaving everything to my dog Bailey who watched me cry every night).  The first thing I read on my list from the session, I had feverishly tried to get everything down (my hand was hurting at this point), was Cavitation Surgery.  Huh?  My wisdom teeth that had been removed when I was 17 could be the cause of all this stuff?

Cavitation is infected bone, it can occur after the removal of wisdom teeth or a root canal.  A cavitation is a hole in the bone, usually where a tooth has been removed and the bone has not filled in properly.  When a tooth is being extracted, in a normal dental procedure, the surrounding periodontal membrane is usually left behind.  When a tooth has been pulled, the body will eventually fill in the space in the bone where the tooth once was.  When this membrane is left behind, an incomplete healing can take place which can leave a hole or a spongy place inside the jaw bone.

Inside a cavitation, bacteria flourish and deviant cells multiply.  Cavitations act as a breeding ground for bacteria and their toxins.  I was also told that Cavitations can also cause blockages in the body’s energy meridians and can exert far-reaching impact on the overall system.  Some even say that cavitations are reservoirs of huge amounts of mercury or a source of low level or high level stress on the entire body.

There were two things I said throughout my illness especially after this phone call with Perry: 1) is this really happening to me? Some please pinch me and 2) This is insane!?!!

After looking at the list I just stood there in amazement.  The first step was to get thermal imaging to see if the area around my jaw was inflamed or red.  If so this could be causing my energy fields to be out of whack and suppressing my immune system, I would need to get the surgery done.


The next day I took a cab to the doctor’s office and got the surgery done.  They saw redness around my jaw and after the meridian stress test saw massive amounts of heavy metals in my jaw.  It was scary on my own but they treated me with so much respect and were the kindest people in the world.  They even drove me back to the hotel afterward with tons of bloody cotton balls in my mouth and stopped at the pharmacy.

The days after the surgery were very tough but they said everything would go away and my body would begin to heal.  I called Perry crying when I was in the airport on my way back to New York from the pain and she said this was all normal and to brush around my neck where there was a lot of inflammation and to drink tons of aloe.  Each day after the surgery I got better and better.  The hotness around my head and all the night sweats (hot and cold)  started to go away.  It was strange.

I must say that I am grateful for getting it done.  Even though it was scary and went against everything I was taught and was a lot of money for me I might not be in such great a shape if I hadn’t put that sarcastic voice away and let God handle it.  There were times when I thought everyone out there was a quack and out to steal my money.  But sometimes this voice really hindered me instead of helped me.  I even think Dr. Klingheardt talks about interference fields on this website.  If this is something you are thinking about, look into it.  It might be something that you need.