The Link Between Root Canals and Cancer

Root Canals and Illness

Boston management consultant Will R. didn’t have to go to the doctor to know he had cancer. He knew he had cancer when he started bleeding through his rectum in 2002. He was in his late 50s when this happened.

A medical examination confirmed Will’s strong suspicion: it was colorectal cancer. Doctors found a two-centimeter tumor.

Article from How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day” By Bill Henderson with Andrew Scholberg

But cancer was just one of Will’s many health problems. He also suffered from:

  • Frequent, splitting headaches
  • Severe sleep apnea and heavy snoring, causing him to wake up in the middle of the night as if he were about to choke
  • Intense pain in the roof of his mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Fungus on his feet, back, and abdomen
  • Dimming eyesight
  • Night sweats so bad the sheets were soaking wet
  • Twitching when he dozed off or fell asleep

Will didn’t want to go under the knife. He wanted to try alternative therapies to get rid of his cancer. But the surgeon scared him onto the operating table by telling him, “You’ll die without surgery.” He had the operation in October of 2002.

Of course, doctors practically insisted that Will take radiation and chemotherapy. But he refused because he believed alternative treatments would be more effective.

Will became better educated about cancer than his oncologist. He read more than a dozen books about cancer, and two key facts popped out at him:

  1. To beat cancer, you have to make your body as healthy as possible by natural methods. To reach this state of health, it’s necessary to get rid of other diseases and infections in your body.
  2. You can’t be healthy if you have dead teeth such as root canal teeth, infected teeth, or infected cavitations in the jaw.

Root canals are safe, right? WRONG!

In 2003 a biological dentist examined Will and found several severe problems. (Biological dentists are mavericks who regard root canals, mercury and fluoride as harmful.) Will’s two root canals were infected with staph and strep. The dentist confirmed these infections by laboratory analysis.

But Will’s jaw had other problems, too. During his 20s when his wisdom teeth were extracted, the dentist failed to remove all of the connective tissues. As a result, the sockets didn’t heal properly but became infected with staph and strep. This kind of dental problem following a crude extraction of a tooth is called a cavitation.

Because of his cavitations, Will had serious necrosis of the jaw — in other words, gangrene!

And the trouble with these toxic pockets in his jaw is that the staph and strep were spreading throughout Will’s body, causing all kinds of health ailments. Will’s root canals and the improper extraction of his wisdom teeth had caused his colorectal cancer.

Not only did the biological dentist fix Will’s jaw, but he also replaced Will’s mercury fillings with biologically compatible fillings.

As you know, mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to man: a teaspoon of mercury can poison a whole lake. Yet the dental establishment still claims that mercury is a wonderful substance for filling cavities.

The American Dental Association (ADA) has been peddling the “mercury is safe” message to the public for decades, and it’s too stubborn to admit it was wrong. It’s in denial about mercury, just as it’s in denial about root canals.

After the biological dentist fixed Will’s teeth, his health made a 180-degree turnaround:

  • His cancer went into remission.
  • His frequent headaches went away.
  • His intense pain in the roof of his mouth went away.
  • His fatigue went away.
  • His fungus went away.
  • His heavy night sweats stopped.
  • His nighttime twitching stopped.
  • His sleep apnea went away.
  • His heavy snoring stopped.
  • He stopped waking up in a panic with a choking feeling.
  • His eyesight improved.

Will’s oncologist was so impressed with his recovery from cancer that he told him, “You’re the longest-living person I have who hasn’t done conventional therapy. Your life expectancy was six months. There’s no one like you that we know about!”

The main thing that helped Will, without a doubt, was getting his root canal teeth removed, getting his infected cavitations cleaned out, and having his mercury fillings replaced with a biologically compatible material.

“But are all root canals bad?”

You might be wondering whether root canals are always bad. Yes, they are. They’re not safe. If someone with a root canal seems to be in good health, you can be sure that the person’s immune system is strong enough to fight off the toxicity from the root canal. But when the same person encounters severe stress, such as a job loss, divorce, or the death of a loved one, the immune system may become weak. When the body can no longer fight off the toxicity from a root canal, a disease such as cancer can break out.

As for wisdom tooth extractions, the dentist often fails to remove all of the connective tissue from the socket. This is what leads to cavitations. Cavitations and root canals cause necrosis of the jaw: gangrene. And these dental problems contribute to perhaps half of the cancer cases in America.

“Fish story” explains what causes cancer

Here’s a “fish story” that explains the cancer disaster in America.

Half the catfish in the Anacostia River in Washington, D.C., have cancerous tumors in their livers. The Anacostia River is little more than a toxic waste dump. Located within the city limits, this small, slow-moving river catches all of the nasty runoff from the city. It’s actually a wonder that any fish live in it at all.

The catfish in the Anacostia River eliminate toxins and poisons through their livers. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, but there’s so much pollution that the catfish are taking in poisons faster than their livers can process and eliminate them.

So how would you “cure” an Anacostia River catfish of its liver tumors? With surgery? With toxic chemotherapy? With a liver transplant? Even if these treatments were feasible, what good would they do if we just put the “cured” catfish back into the filthy river?

It’s a fact that people with cancer — like the Anacostia River catfish — have too much toxicity in their bodies. It’s necessary to avoid taking in more toxins and to get rid of the toxicity that’s already inside.

Using a healthy, organic eating plan helps the body get ride of many poisons. But a healthy diet won’t do anything to fix an infected jawbone or a toxic root canal tooth.

Visualize a wisdom tooth being extracted. If the dentist or oral surgeon fails to remove the connecting ligament or leaves in too much bone, the gum and jaw won’t heal properly. With the tooth missing, anaerobic bacteria can start growing in the hole, and this becomes even more toxic than botulism. This toxicity can get into the bloodstream and cause breast cancer, prostate cancer, and other types of cancer.

In fact, when a woman has cancer in one breast, you’ll often find that the culprit is a root canal on the same side as the cancerous breast!

There can be no longer be any doubt about the connection between root canals and cancer. I’ve had experience with over 3,000 cancer patients. When these cancer patients get their mouths cleaned up, they get well — even if they’ve tried everything else.

Pioneer dentist proved root canal toxicity in 1920s

Early in the 1900s, Dr. Weston Price, a pioneer dentist, discovered and proved that root canals are highly toxic. Dr. Price is considered one of the greatest dentists of all time. He was the head of the research arm of the precursor to the ADA.

Working with 60 other prominent dentists, Dr. Price tried to find a way to do a root canal safely. They worked with hundreds of patients, and tried everything under the sun. And Dr. Price concluded that there’s no way to do it.

Dr. Price found that the toxicity of root canal teeth caused a wide variety of health problems, including rheumatoid arthritis, MS, cancer, glaucoma, diabetes, and so on. And he proved it with a rabbit experiment. This experiment should be famous, but the medical and dental Establishment wants to drop it down the memory hole.

Here’s how the experiment worked: When Dr. Price took a root canal tooth out of a diseased patient’s mouth and implanted it under the skin of a rabbit. The rabbit would quickly develop the same disease.

If the patient had glaucoma, the rabbit got glaucoma. If the patient had arthritis, the rabbit got arthritis. If the patient had cancer, the rabbit got cancer. And so on. This happened hundreds of times.

Dr. Price recommended that dentists immediately stop doing root canals.

But root canals are a good income-producer for dentists. Modern dentists in America do about 40 million root canals a year. No wonder half of all American men and a third of women can expect to eventually get cancer. Each root canal silently seeps poison into the system, often resulting in health problems.

Article from: How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day By Bill Henderson with Andrew Scholberg