Dental Wisdom

All About Toxic Free Dentistry

from Ann Landers

Dear Ann:

Please tell your readers that an infection in the mouth or an abscess in a tooth can lead to painful and deadly bacterial infections of the bloodstream.

My beloved brother died recently from an infection that began in his mouth. I am so grief-stricken I can barely get my thoughts down on paper. If this letter will help just one person pay closer attention to his or her teeth, it will easy my pain.
Dental hygiene is SO important to a person’s overall health. It isn’t just your teeth andgums it is your whole body.

-Sad Sister in Houston

Dear Sad Sister:

You have written an extremely important letter, and I thank you for it. Rarely do people realize that neglecting their teeth could lead to serious infection, and even death. Yet another example of how my readers look after one another.

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