All About Toxic Free Dentistry

Dental Questions You Should Ask Your Dentist

Here are a few typical dental questions:

Dental Question: Is your dentist gentle and caring?

Your mouth is a tender and private place. You need to know that you and your family are being treated with all the gentleness and compassion you deserve.

Dental Question. Is your dentist concerned about your comfort?

Biological dentistry is practically pain free. But does your dentist offer you refreshments when you arrive? How about hot towels, a toothbrush and mouthwash so you can freshen up before your treatment? How about a warm blanket to keep you cozy? It’s all the little things your dentist does that show you how much he cares about your comfort.

Dental Question: Does your dentist take time to educate you about your dental health and involve you in your diagnosis and treatment?

In ancient times, the physician was a teacher first, a doctor second. Does your dentist and the dental staff go out of their way to educate you about how you can benefit from modern dentistry? Do they answer your questions and offer you written, video and audio materials to help your understanding?

Dental Question: Does your dentist focus on prevention over symptom treatment and place service above profit?

Emergency dentistry and restorative procedure are attempts to fix what is broken. The procedures are more costly to you and more profitable to the dentist. You want to find a dentist that is willing to help you fix what needs to be fixed, but whose real investment is helping you prevent future problems.

Dental Question: Is your dentist concerned about saving you money?

Does your dentist offer you optional treatments and explain the costs and benefits in order to help you make informed decisions? Does he offer reduced fees for cash payments? Does he explain to you that dental insurance coverage is only good for average care and that average care, over time, will likely cost you more in time, money and agony in the future?

Dental Question: Does your dentist use the best of leading-edge procedures and equipment?

Does your dentist use high-resolution cameras to guide you through the examination and treatment so you can see exactly what he is seeing? How about air-abrasion, the new drill free dentistry? Does he offer you the newest and the safest dental materials to help you avoid the possible dangers of mercury/silver fillings?

Dental Question: Does your dentist have a passion for good dentistry?

Does your dentist really love doing dentistry? When it comes to your teeth and your health is he a bit of a perfectionist? Is he obsessed with discovering and mastering the latest techniques, information and skills for superior dentistry?

Dental Question: Is your time important to the dentist?

Does your dentist cram too many appointments into short time slots? Is the waiting room always full? If patients are backed up due to an emergency, does he offer you a small token of apology, such as free movie rental vouchers?

Dental Question: Will your dentist treat your whole family?

Is the dental team as good with your kids and your spouse as they are with you? Will your dentist make room in the schedule for your whole family so you don’t have to make multiple appointments on different days?

Dental Question: Is the dental team warm and friendly and is the office full of laughter and smiles?

Do you feel welcome in the office or are you just another patient? Is the office a casual and comfortable place to be or does it feel stiff and unfriendly?

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