Chronic Infection

Gum Disease and Illness

An Unspoken Connection: The link between Gum Disease and Chronic Infection

Did you know that 85% of the worlds population is dealing with some form of gum disease. Of course, not everyone is dealing with an obvious form of gum disease. But that does not diminish the fact that, for most of us, our gums are simply not functioning properly. As a biological dentist, Dr. Sambataro began, years ago, to hear from his patients one similar complaint. They were tired. They weren’t just tired, they were exhausted, felt old, felt spent, oftentimes during the day and not just at night. He began to wonder if there was a link, whether obvious or barely noticeable, between the health of gum tissue and chronic fatigue.

His initial endeavors into dealing with the fatigue of his patients was met with his own person skepticism. After all, he was only a dentist. Wasn’t chronic fatigue a problem for an MD or some other medical professional? Still, he couldn’t shake the nagging suspicion that the health of his patients gums was directly related to their fatigue. After all, if 85% of the world has gum disease and if he could understand the impact of gum disease on sleep patterns then he might be able to help his patients. His journey began.

So, if we are talking about gum disease we are really talking about an infection. And an infection is really about sick or compromised tissue that the body needs to remove. And, if you have ever been sick then you know the side effects of an infection are fever, increased white blood cells and feeling tired. However, you should also know that a low level infection, the kind you might find in your gums, is still fought the same way by the body. Your body still increases the white blood cell count and fatigue is still a part of the equation because your body is working so hard to try to fight the infection. Now, if you were really sick, coughing, etc. you might go to the doctor. But what do you do if you don’t really feel like you have the flu? An infection? You just feel tired.

The truth is, even if you did go to your doctor he would most likely have no answers for you. The reason is that MD’s don’t focus on the mouth as a possible source of systemic, or body wide, dilemma. And even if you did figure out that something might not be quite right with your gums your family dentist might not make the connection either. No, to get help with your condition you need a person who understands your condition. And, just like there are specialists in all fields of medicine, Dr. Sambataro is a specialist in Biological Dentistry. He has made it his life’s work to learn about the link between a chronic, low level infection in the gums and chronic fatigue. It is a knowledge that has taken him 30 years to gain.

For many of us, a trip to the dentist is, at best, a rushed affair. Usually we brush a few seconds longer that morning or we may even try brushing right before we see our dentist. But it all adds up to the same, our teeth are simply not getting the cleaning they deserve and this can lead to more rampant grown of bacteria in, on and around the teeth and gums. It is this long term neglect of the teeth that can play a huge role in creating the conditions for an infection. Further, when the mouth is subjected to long term, poor oral care, it not only has a greater potential for infection but if an infection arises it has a harder time fighting it off.

As a biological dentist, Dr. Sambataro has taken an active role in learning all of the things that can, and do, impact his patients. His 30 years of experience treating patients kept bringing him back along the same pathway. His patients were just more tired than he thought they should be and it did not seem to be linked to age, general activity level or gender. No, the only thing he found linking all of these person’s together was their oral health. More specifically, their poor oral health, and once they began to get control of what was happening with their teeth and gums they began to get more energy to live their lives.

Now, this may seem all too simple, and in some ways it is. Dr. Sambataro understands that chronic fatigue is a multi-faceted problem that needs to be addressed in a number of ways. He also understands that if good oral health was as simple as brushing three times a day then everyone would do it. However, he understands that many people would do more for themselves if they only knew about the link. He understands that many of us would never consider our oral health as a direct link to our chronic fatigue. Yet, his 30 years of treating patients has helped him to understand this link so that he is one of the few people in a position to actually help.

If you are tired all of the time and if you have tried all the coffee, caffeine and pills you can handle, then maybe it is time to consider another approach. By setting up a consult with Dr. Sambataro you are putting yourself on the road to a more complete, energetic lifestyle. I know it sounds strange and it may seem like there isn’t a link and yet, Dr. Sambataro has helped thousands of people by using his knowledge and unique approach to treating your teeth and helping you to regains your spark. Remember, every problem has a direct solution, you just have to get to the person who can get you on that path.