Toxic Free Quick Facts

About Oral Health & Systemic Illness

Did you know that…

  • Dental x-rays can save your life by detecting dangerous calcified deposits in the arteries of the neck before they cause a stroke
  • You can dramatically strengthen your immune system and add years to your life by eliminating gum disease and the more than 350 strains of bacteria it can breed
  • Periodontal (gum) disease make you one and a half times more likely to have a fatal heart attack, twice as likely to develop coronary artery disease and three times as likely to suffer a stroke
  • Periodontal disease has also been linked to respiratory disease, osteoporosis, premature and underweight births, diabetes, and alzheimer’s (due to increased arterial inflammation and hardening)
  • Innovative biological treatments and home care treatments have made it easier than everto achieve and maintain oral health and wellness for a lifetime

*All of these facts come from articles on this site which contain references and sources

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