Toxic Root Canals

In this country alone over 25 million root canals are performed ever year.  This has obviously become a very profitable service for the dental community.

A root canal is usually recommended because of infection that has reached the nerve of the root or trauma that has caused the tooth to die.  The tooth may be painful or totally asymptomatic.  An X-ray may or may not reveal an abscess around the root of the tooth.

The process of root canal therapy involves removing the entire contents of the main canals of the tooth including the nerve, blood vessels and lymph.  Once the main canals have been debrided, the tooth is treated with some disinfectant and then sealed usually with a filler material called gutta percha.  It is usually recommended to place a crown over the remaining tooth to provide some structural integrity due to the now brittle remaining tooth.

So this may sound like a good idea in order to keep the tooth.  But the potential health consequences may not outweigh the advantage of keeping your own tooth.  Yes, nothing can replace what you originally had which prevents the loss of bone and maintains proprioceptive feedback to your brain and nervous system.  The problem is a dead tooth can never be completely sterilized due to the numerous microcanals and accessory canals that could not be debrided.  These canals are inaccessible to instrumentation by your Dentist and the sterilization solutions can not kill all the bacteria.  Furthermore, the existing nonpathogenic bacteria mutate into pathogenic anaerobic bacteria due to the ideal environment.

Therefore, you have a dead tooth that is infected with anaerobic bacteria that are being forced into your bloodstream every time you bite down.  Since there is no blood supply to the tooth, your immune system consisting of your white blood cells are unable to provide any immune protection.  The environment is acidic and lacking in oxygen to further promote the chronic infection.

Most of the time you will not even have any symptoms at the site of the root canal therefore you or your health practitioner don’t even consider that this could be a problem.

This problem with root canals was first investigated by Dr. Weston Price, a Dentist and researcher for the American Dental Association.  He found that not only do these root canal teeth harbor dangerous bacteria; they also provide serious chemical toxins.  This research was further supported by Dr. George Meinig in his book “Root Canal Cover-up”.  Dr. Meinig was one of the founding members of the Endodontic Society (root canal specialists) who had performed thousands of root canals before discovering the research around toxic root canals.

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  1. Lynne says:

    HELP! I have 5 or 6 root canalled teeth already and they want to do 3 more root canals. My health has been awful since the last root canals. My teeth look awful no matter what I do to clean them and try to maintain a healthy mouth. What are my options? To have them all removed and get dentures? I am on Medi-Cal and don’t have resources to pay for extensive procedures but know that they probably need to be removed but then what? I am embarrassed to go anywhere since my teeth look so awful and they keep getting more decay and fillings keep falling out. I already have 12 crowns and need 2 more. Could there also be amalgam fillings underneath them that could be making my mouth worse. How do you know if there are amalgam fillings underneath your crowns? Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. My zip code is 92627.

    • Renee Belz says:

      Hi Lynne, I’m sorry to hear about your health struggles. I know how frustrating that can be! I recommend checking out this site to find a Biological Dentist near you –
      Having root canal teeth extracted and then replaced with zirconia implants (not titanium implants) or dentures tends to be the best option, but it’s different for everyone. Since implants can be costly and require more surgery, dentures may be a better option, at least temporarily until your health improves. Best of luck to you, Lynne!

    • charmaine says:

      Hi im Charmaine from Singapore. I just had a root canal tooth removed as I suffered from inflammation in the body, digestive issues and even had a bacteria infection which showed up in the differential blood count. But the periodontal ligament was not removed. What can I do about this to clean up the infection site? Thanks.

      • Renee Belz says:

        Hi Charmaine, I’m happy to hear you were able to have the tooth removed and I certainly hope that helps with your health issues. If you can find a Biological Dentist that is well trained in removing the periodontal ligament that would be helpful. Ideally they will also disinfect the area with ozone before closing the surgical area.

  2. Ed says:

    Good day,

    I had a unfinished root canal for over 10 years(mild pain, infection and gum inflammation but somehow I learned to live with it), I did re-treatment root canal 1 year ago.
    I have no migranes, or headaches but i feel some numb on my head, plus I feel tired. Besides, I feel like a sensation inside the tooth, no pain but It is like I feel something there where I do not suppose to feel( because it shouldn’t be nerves there)
    Can it be that there are still bacteria there?

    Should I extract the tooth?
    Thanks for your advice

    • Dr. Sam says:

      Hi Ed,
      It is impossible to completely sterilize the area around the root canal tooth, unfortunately. The only way to remove all of the bacteria is to extract the tooth, along with the periodontal ligament, and then to clean the site with ozone, laser or other modalities. You can get a Dental DNA test to see exactly which bacteria are surrounding the root canal tooth.

  3. Kenneth says:


    I had an infected root canal tooth removed last week. I had it for seven years without even knowing it was damaging my health. I’m quite certain that it did.
    I developed the following symptoms in about three months time after getting the root canal treatment: Unrelenting fatigue, panic and anxiety attacks, kidney stones, overall weakness, diarrhea, phobias, body aches, blood work abnormalities, osteopenia, prediabetes
    I’d like to know what I can expecr after removing the infected tooth, I can definitely already feel a change but I’d like to know if I can expect any permanent health effects. Is it possible to drain all of the toxic bacteria so I can start healing?

  4. Lil says:

    Rene, Do you know of a biological dentist in SWFL? I was just told I have tooth reabsorption on my crowned(old) tooth. I am going to my referral oral surgeon tomorrow to talk. I have just been reading this site and would prefer to go to a biological dentist if there is one available close to me.

  5. Jenny says:

    I am so over root canal treatment and the recurring pain and infection. I have been ill for a few years now and the dentist sends me to the Dr, the Dr tells me it is a dental thing and so on and so on.
    I have pain and inflammation all throughout my body and when it is at its worse my root canal teeth are also inflamed/painful. No x-ray has showed anything sinister but was told next time I would have to have it re-done and cleaned and sealed again I suppose, at a cost I am not prepared to go through again. I have been put on HRT, depression tablets, pain killers in regard to body heat issues that I try to tell them is more about inflammation rather than menopause but apparently I am not qualified to know what my body is going through.
    Getting another opinion tomorrow, as I am ready to have two of the three that are front side by side pulled out and a plate to replace. Pain is consuming my life and I tolerate a lot…….but just about done.
    Wondering if it is toxins causing this does that affect cholesterol as mine goes up and down like a yo yo, I have dizziness regularly, no energy, muscle weakness and loss of appetite. However I have had unexplained weight gain of 10 kilos over the last 3 years.

    • Gene says:

      Jenny, I’m sorry to hear about all that you’re going through. Inflammation can have a major impact on the entire body and that’s why we address any inflammatory causes in the mouth first. I hope that you can find a Biological Dentist that can extract the teeth and remove all of the infection. It’s also beneficial to look at natural anti-inflammatories such as my favorite supplement curcumin, as well as an anti-inflammatory diet.

  6. Johnny says:

    Since the 8th of December I have been suffering from severe brain fog, chronic fatigue, eye floaters, sinus congestion, ear popping/plugging intermittently, and random minor lymph node swelling. I have had two root canals in the past and I am genuinely curious if this could be the cause of everything? I have been to the doctor a number of times and blood tests have indicated everything is fine. Would this type of infection not be showing up on a CBC because it has not become systemic in a high-grade type of way? Additionally, I have seen an allergist, had imaging done on my brain, and been to an eye doctor and they all tell me it is fine. Essentially everything about my physical state has been affected yet nothing has been quantifiable up to this point. What do you suggest is the next step in dentistry work? Are there holistic dentists that will understand my situation and be willing to work with me on this? Is there hope?

    Thank you.

    • Renee Belz says:

      Hi Johnny,
      I apologize I missed your comment from last year. For a quick answer to your question about the infection, it’s typically a low-grade chronic infection. Sometimes it will flare up and be more of an acute infection.
      I hope you’re doing well.

  7. Katie Suarez says:

    Hi My name is Katie Suarez,I am 21 years old & I believe this is what is happening to me.
    I am always exhausted.
    Long story shortened,
    14 years ago I had a root canal done because I smashed my front tooth on the playground.
    I had cheap insurance when I was younger and they didn’t do it correctly,I then about 7 years ago,a different denist realized that the root canal was done improperly and they did another one on my same tooth,Now I have went because I have had several issues with it and a lot of pain associated.
    I went back to another denist and they told me that I have an infection and I would need another root canal & a crown & It will cost 2000$ I just don’t have money like that because now I gave No insurance and I am a mother to one child so I cannot afford it.
    I am trying to see what yall think is best for me.
    Thank you & God Bless!

  8. MOM says:

    I had a tooth out it was not a root canalled tooth….they wanted to root canal it and I said no just pull it out…the whole thing took a few minutes…so I am sure they did n’t do anything extra….so what is a cavitation……how do I know if I have that….I am set to have a root canalled tooth out next month and I want to make sure they do it right this time…what should I ask for and what should I say I want them to do..thanks so much for any help you can offer…..I only feel well when I am on antibiotics….I can’t keep living on antibiotics….

    • Rene Belz says:

      If a tooth is extracted without removing the periodontal ligament, an infection in the bone (also known as a cavitation) can be left behind. There is a machine called the Cavitat than can assess possible cavitations, as well as 3-D Cone Beam imaging. Not all Dentists have this technology yet, but the Dentists at the Julian Center are fortunate enough to have these resources. It is possible to have surgery to clean out the infection but make sure you find a Dentist who is well-trained in this type of surgery. Until the source of infection is removed, your immune system will have to continue fighting it, which can be very draining on the whole body. If you let us know where you are located we’ll do our best to find a local Dentist for you. Best of luck to you on your health journey.

      • Anneliese says:

        Could you please let me know if there’s a Dentist in the Seattle area that can do that

        • Renee Belz says:

          Hi Anneliese,
          I don’t know of anyone in the Seattle area but a good starting point is on the IAOMT website –
          You can get a list of Biological dentists in your area and then I recommend calling to find the best one for your situation.

  9. Iris says:

    I got a root canal done about 8 years ago or so. For a few years now I have had headaches that I know are connected with it as I feel it connected to the molar. I had a lot of pressure and discomfort in the molar and complained to many dentists for years. In the past year I went to an endodontist and he told me I had an abscess. He retreated the root canal twice and months later I still have the headaches and discomfort in the tooth. I have also battled with Chronic Fatigue for many years and now after reading this website I am wondering if it this is all connected as no other doctor can find anything out. I would like to go to a biological dentist for my future dental needs. However, I am wondering if it would be sufficient for the purposes of getting my molar out with the root canal at no cost to go to the endodontist that did my re-treatments as he told me if it did not work this time he would remove the tooth. I would really appreciate feedback. Thank you for your help.

    • Rene Belz says:

      Hello, It sounds like a good decision to have the tooth removed after all you have been through. The biggest benefit of having a Biological Dentist extract a tooth is that they will make sure to remove the periodontal ligament and all infection in the area. The Dr. will be very thorough and the procedure takes longer than a typical extraction. You can certainly ask the Endodontist about the process and ask if they will remove the periodontal ligament. If you don’t have a tooth properly removed it can create a cavitation.

  10. Lois Mollman says:

    I have been having trouble since having 2 root canals. I had no idea this was even a possibility…. is there any way to fight the infection other than removing the teeth?? I live in remote ranching community in SD. Are there holistic dentists in ND or SD?

    • Rene Belz says:

      There are ways to fight the infection through constant immune system support. Certain anti-microbials such as neem can be beneficial. However, you will always be FIGHTING the infection if you don’t REMOVE the infection. Imagine your health status as a scale… good diet, exercise, sleep, meditation, high-quality supplements all help support one side. On the other side of the scale you are fighting poor nutrition, stress, environmental toxins, and dental concerns like infection. It’s always a personal choice for how to fight this battle.

    • Rene Belz says:

      I’m not sure if there are any holistic dentists in ND or SD. You can reach out to Dr. Huggins office in Colorado to ask for a recommendation, or check out IAOMT online.

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