Amalgam Quick Facts

Amalgam, Silver Amalgam, High-Copper Amalgam… they all consist of approximately 50% Mercury and according to a 1991 study by the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) they release 3-17 micrograms of Mercury into the bloodstream everyday. The safe level established by the EPA for Mercury exposure is 10 micrograms per day.

The government requires special handling of Mercury because it has been linked to birth defects, autoimmune illnesses and neurological illnesses including depression. Mercury can cross the blood-brain and placenta barriers and startling new research has linked the presence of Mercury in the brain to one of the major structural markers in Alzheimer’s disease.

Despite clear evidence from around the world, Amalgam is still the filling material of choice for many dentists. Click to take our Mercury/Toxic Metal Sensitivity Questionnaire or to learn more about the Institute’s policies regarding our refusal to use mercury amalgams, amalgam removal and detoxification protocols and patient safety procedures.

More Facts About Mercury & Amalgam Fillings…

  1. Mercury is the most-toxic, non-radioactive element on Earth.
  2. A silver colored mercury amalgam filling normally contains 52% mercury.
  3. On average, an amalgam filling weighs 1 gram and contains 1/2 gram of mercury.
  4. The typical adult carries ten amalgam fillings containing about 5 grams of mercury.
  5. 1/2 gram of mercury in a ten acre lake would warrant issuance of a fish advisory for the lake.
  6. Running shoes with mercury lights in their heels were banned by the Minnesota Legislature in 1994 because they contained a 1/2 gram of mercury in them and this was considered dangerous to public health.
  7. Germany, Austria, Denmark and Sweden ban the use of mercury amalgam fillings in pregnant women and children and complete bans are scheduled to be phased in.
  8. The state of California requires this warning in all dental offices with a staff of 10 or more that use mercury amalgam fillings. “The people of the state of California have determined that the use of dental amalgam causes birth defects and other health problems.”
  9. Legislation is now being proposed in Minnesota for a similar “Informed Consent” law to protect all patients

Please Note – The Maryland State Board of Dental Examiners legally requires that the following statement be placed on any information provided to the public concerning the dangers of mercury amalgam:

“The National Institutes of Health has determined that there are no verifiable systemic health benefits resulting from the removal of mercury amalgams.”

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