Root Canal Therapy

To completely sterilize the entire inside of a tooth as part of the Root Canal procedure may will be impossible.  When a dentist removes the bulk of the nerve from the root canal, he cannot treat the countless tubules with the dead nerve tissue that remains.  This dead nerve tissue is often infected and remains in teeth that have root canal therapy.  The dentist removes about an inch of infected nerve from the tooth, but all of these untreated and possibly infected tubules remain in the tooth.

Drilling causes trauma and inflammation in tooth nerve and bone.  This leads to high fluid pressure in hard tissue which cannot expand, choking off oxygen and blood flow, leading to pain or death of nerve and bone.  Drilling also causes cracking of the crystalline enamel leading to decay and future dentistry.  Normal teeth cleaning cuts and ruptures the immune membrane leading to infection inside the gum tissue, which spreads throughout the body.

This infection is the threat that Dr. Weston Price found could challenge one’s immune system and contaminate one’s body to the point of causing illness.  The dentist could clean and fill the main root canal but the dentist cannot treat about 3 millions of nerve fibrils microscopic tubules. With toxic contamination going through the body of the tooth from the nerve in the root canal to the surface of the tooth, the toxins escape from the tooth into one’s body.

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2 Responses to Root Canal Therapy

  1. Elizabeth Waters says:

    I have a troublesome root canal and lots of health issues. After tons of research, I have been very convicted about getting the tooth out. Is that your alternative treatment, taking it out and putting in a fake tooth somehow? Unfortunately it is a front tooth. I would like someone to contact me regarding how I go about finding out more what to do about this situation, if insurance pays for it, etc. We are military and under the military dental coverage which I think is Metlife now. Do I need a referral from my regular dentist? It would be difficult convincing him that this step was needed, he suggested redoing the root canal. And what is the procedure like for getting a replacement tooth? Scared to death of dental work, this root canal being one of the worst experiences of my life (saying a lot for a prior service airborne paratrooper and combat veteran), and would have to be put under probably for any serious dental work. Please advise. Looking forward to hearing your viewpoint. Liz

    • Rene Belz says:

      Hi Liz, yes extracting the tooth is the only way to completely clean out any infection around the root canal tooth. As far as replacing the tooth, you can get an implant (we recommend using zirconium, not titanium), a bridge (which may depend on the 2 teeth on either side), or a removable denture or partial (which is something that would be taken in and out to clean, yet is the least invasive). You do not need a referral from your regular dentist to come to our office. Insurance may cover it. Ask your insurance provider what they may cover for ‘out of network’. Best in Health, Renee

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