The Dangers of Fluoride

We’re Committed to a Fluoride-Free Practice

Since the 1950s, fluoride has largely been touted as a great public health victory, an important factor in combating tooth decay. However, the use of fluoride in our water and in dentistry is a controversial topic. While it’s still widely used in dental practices across the United States, fluoride does not actually remineralize or rebuild teeth and there’s debate on whether fluoride does more harm than odd. 

At Julian Center for Toxic-Free Dentistry, we’re committed to holistic dentistry and providing our patients with comprehensive care designed to protect their total wellness. As such, we refrain from using products containing fluoride.

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral that’s naturally occurring in bones and teeth. Trace amounts can also be detected in water, soil, plants, and rocks. Fluoride is one of the most abundant elements found in nature, and in those commonly minuscule doses, it’s not harmful. But naturally occurring fluoride in high doses is not what you’ll find in toothpaste and tap water. 

There are two types of fluoride: systemic which is ingested and topical which is the type used in traditional dental practices. 

Tooth decay is not a sign of fluoride deficiency and increasing exposure to fluoride offers low-quality protection against decay.

person holding a bottle of mouthwash with a magnifying glass which shows the word fluoride
woman holding a jar of coconut oil

Fluoride Alternatives

During your consultation, Dr. Sambataro will provide you with information on healthy alternatives to fluoride and ways to naturally keep your mouth and body in good health. When you visit Julian Center for Toxic-Free Dentistry, you can trust that the fluoride alternatives we provide will keep your teeth healthy and clean. A few fluoride alternatives that can help strengthen tooth enamel include:

  • MI Paste
  • Calcium
  • Revitin
  • Tooth Builder Toothpaste
  • Xylitol 
  • Coconut Oil
  • Fluoride-Free Mouthwash 

If you have issues with persistent decay, Dr. Sambataro will also review your oral hygiene, diet, and nutrition in order to create a customized plan for preventing tooth decay. Eating a healthy diet full of mineral-rich foods and drinking plenty of water are also great ways to keep your mouth healthy, strengthen your teeth, and prevent tooth decay.

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A Holistic Approach To Your Dental Care

Our goal at Julian Center for Toxic-Free Dentistry is to treat your oral health problems with your total body wellness in mind. We keep our practice fluoride-free because we feel it’s best to find alternatives rather than expose you to the potential dangers associated with fluoride. If you’d like to learn more about our holistic approach to your care, or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sambataro, contact our Ellicott City office at (410) 964-2865. We look forward to meeting you!