Toxic Gum Disease in Ellicott City, MD

What’s Hiding in Your Mouth May Be Killing You

Although the traditional approach of brushing, flossing, surgery and regular dental check-ups can be helpful, they’re inadequate when dealing with an underlying cause of gum disease. Here at Julian Center for Toxic-Free Dentistry, we take a whole-body, health-centered approach. 

Being proactive about your oral health at every stage can lead to the preservation of your natural smile as well as enhance the quality of your life. Poor dental health has been linked to heart problems, diabetes, respiratory illness, stomach and bowel problems, low birth weight in infants, severe systemic infections, cancer, and more. At the very least, you’re risking your health, continued comfort, and finances.

In the field of biological, holistic, or health-centered dentistry, there are thousands of reports of physical and emotional ailments being relieved through proper treatment.

The Benefits of Choosing a Holistic Dentist

Preventing Illness and Premature Death

If you don’t take proper care of your oral health, your mouth can become a breeding ground for bacteria that hide in moist, dark places and rot the surrounding tissues. If left untreated, the abundance of bacteria can lead to life-threatening medical complications. 

The bacteria forms into a sticky film (plaque) that clings to your teeth. The build-up of plaque is a constant occurrence which is why healthy home habits and regularly scheduled dental visits help keep your smile as plaque-free as possible. 

Plaque produces acids after eating or drinking and if left untreated, can lead to the destruction of your tooth enamel, cavities, tooth decay, and gingivitis. It can even break down the bones holding your teeth in place. 

In severe cases, the bacteria from the plaque can enter your bloodstream. They most often attack the carotid arteries which help supply your brain with blood and thus increase your risk of having a stroke. The risk of heart problems is increased when certain types of bacteria are present in your mouth. If you have an existing heart condition, such as a murmur, it’s imperative that you inform Dr. Sambataro prior to any dental treatment in order to avoid a severe (or even deadly) infection. 

It may be surprising to discover the many ailments that have been relieved through holistic dentistry – and that these ailments seem totally unrelated to the mouth!

Enhancing Health and Well-Being

We understand that health is much more than just the absence of illness. It‘s a state of vigor and wholeness. Regardless of physical limitations, health is a balance of the emotional, social, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of your experience and your life.

Although a dentist can neither diagnose nor treat medical conditions, it’s essential that you find a dentist who’s aware of the relationship between dental health and your overall health.

To be truly effective in helping you establish optimal health, your dentist should have a working relationship with an acupuncturist, an osteopath or a holistic physician, a health psychologist, a chiropractor, a physical or massage therapist, a homeopath, and a naturopath.

In addition to helping you establish and maintain the health of your teeth and gums, your dentist should be willing and able to refer you to these other health care providers for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Avoiding Unnecessary Pain & Suffering

Dental emergencies aren’t fun. However, when you avoid seeing the dentist regularly, you’re setting yourself up for emergency treatment. Modern dentistry is almost completely pain-free, but this may not be the case with emergency treatment.

The pain and suffering you can experience from a cavity, a lost filling, a fractured tooth, an abscessed tooth, or bleeding, infected, and swollen gums are a far cry from the mild discomfort and minor inconvenience of regular dental checkups.

And yet, this is exactly what millions of people put themselves through. They wait and wait, putting off scheduling an appointment until it’s almost too late. As a result, what could have been taken care of quickly and easily may now require multiple visits with complex and invasive procedures – perhaps even surgery.

Saving Your Teeth

Oral problems affect people of all ages however, as with most other physical ailments, these problems worsen with age as the immune system becomes more sluggish. Regular dental visits and good oral health habits can lead to the preservation of your natural smile and drastically reduces the chance of gum disease. 

Losing a tooth can cost you more than just social embarrassment. It can also alter your bite and the way you chew and digest your food. Throwing your bite off can lead to all kinds of unnecessary medical complications.

With proper diet and nutrition, a healthy and active lifestyle, and the help and guidance of your dentist, you can keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime through our holistic services.

Saving Money

Not only will you experience a lot of pain and suffering by avoiding the dentist, but emergency dentistry will also cost you a lot of money.

Think of it this way – you can run your car into the ground until it breaks down and spend an arm and a leg repairing it, or you can pay a lot less for preventative maintenance. It’s your choice. The major difference is that you can always buy a new car – you can’t buy a new mouth. Once your teeth are gone, they’re gone, so think carefully about the way you take care of them.

Take a Holistic Approach To Your Dental Care

The human body is a complex network of interrelated systems and Dr. Sambataro believes poor health in any one of these systems will be reflected throughout the whole network of systems. We strive to take the total wellness of our patients into account when treating them. 

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