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Toxic Mercury Amalgam

Are mercury amalgam fillings toxic? The topic of mercury fillings has been debated in dentistry for many decades. Dental amalgam is composed of approximately 50 percent mercury, with the rest consisting of silver, tin, copper, and zinc. 

If you have mercury fillings, trace amounts of mercury vapor are constantly being released. This increases when you chew food, drink beverages, and grind your teeth. For this reason alone, we believe that mercury fillings are toxic and should not be used in modern dentistry.

Over 200 million Americans have had this highly toxic metal placed in their mouths, creating what many leading researchers believe to be a “toxic time bomb.” The World Health Organization has identified dental amalgam as the major source of mercury contamination in humans. 

Toxic amalgam

Over 200 million Americans have had this highly toxic metal placed in their mouths, creating what many leading researchers believe to be a “toxic time bomb.” The World Health Organization has identified dental amalgam as the major source of mercury contamination in humans.

What’s hard to believe is that mercury amalgam is legally treated as a highly dangerous material before it’s placed in your mouth and after it’s removed. However, for almost 200 years, traditional dentists have insisted that it becomes a safe and stable substance once the mercury is mixed into an amalgam and placed in your mouth.

We now know that isn’t true, as the poisonous metal implanted in your teeth is continuously leaking into your body, where it collects over time. Some experts believe that up to 90% of Americans are adversely affected by low-level mercury poisoning.

One of the damaging effects of low-level mercury poisoning is weakening the immune system. Mercury leaking from your fillings could play a part in almost every illness, both major and minor, including cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome. There are almost fifty signs and symptoms that are often seen in low-level mercury toxicity.

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Why Mercury Fillings Are Toxic: The Facts 

Despite clear evidence from around the world, amalgam is still the filling material of choice for many dentists. The government requires special handling of mercury because it has been linked to birth defects, autoimmune illnesses, and neurological illnesses including depression. Mercury can cross the blood-brain and placenta barriers. Startling new research has linked the presence of mercury in the brain to one of the major structural markers in Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are some fast facts about toxic mercury and amalgam fillings

  • Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive element on Earth.
  • A silver-colored mercury amalgam filling normally contains 52 percent mercury.
  • On average, an amalgam filling weighs one gram and contains half a gram of mercury.
  • The typical adult carries 10 amalgam fillings containing about five grams of mercury.
  • Half a gram of mercury in a 10-acre lake would warrant the issuance of a fish advisory for the lake.
  • Running shoes with mercury lights in their heels were banned by the Minnesota Legislature in 1994 because they contained half a gram of mercury in them and this was considered dangerous to public health.
  • Germany, Austria, Denmark, and Sweden ban the use of mercury amalgam fillings in pregnant women and children and complete bans are scheduled to be phased in.
  • The state of California requires this warning in all dental offices with a staff of 10 or more that use mercury amalgam fillings. “The people of the state of California have determined that the use of dental amalgam causes birth defects and other health problems.”
  • Legislation is now being proposed in Minnesota for a similar “Informed Consent” law to protect all patients.

Amalgam Filling Removal 

Here at Julian Center for Toxic-Free Dentistry, we can often remove toxic mercury fillings and replace them with our own metal-free fillings. Removing your mercury fillings can improve your overall health, and you may notice that you have fewer health complaints overall.

In a study in Norway, dentists removed mercury fillings from patients suffering from a variety of health complaints. This included fatigue, headaches, muscle pain, lack of concentration, and memory problems. The researchers followed up with the patients after three months, one year, and three years, noticing a significant reduction in their health issues. 

Toxic-Free Fillings at Julian Center for Toxic-Free Dentistry

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Please Note

The Maryland State Board of Dental Examiners legally requires that the following statement be placed on any information provided to the public concerning the dangers of mercury amalgam:

“The National Institute of Health has determined that there are no verifiable systemic health benefits resulting from the removal of mercury amalgams.”

Also, please note that several countries have banned or restricted the use of mercury amalgam fillings, including Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In addition, The European Commission (the European Union’s politically independent executive arm) may soon call for their phasing out. The United States is also considering the ban. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already ordered the ban.

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