The Toxic Truth About Root Canals in Ellicott City, MD

In this country alone over 25 million root canals are performed ever year.  This has obviously become a very profitable service for the dental community.

A root canal is usually recommended because of infection that has reached the nerve of the root or trauma that has caused the tooth to die.  The tooth may be painful or totally asymptomatic.  An X-ray may or may not reveal an abscess around the root of the tooth.

The process of root canal therapy involves removing the entire contents of the main canals of the tooth including the nerve, blood vessels and lymph.  Once the main canals have been debrided, the tooth is treated with some disinfectant and then sealed, usually with a filler material called gutta percha.  It is usually recommended to place a crown over the remaining tooth to provide some structural integrity due to the now brittle remaining tooth.

So this may sound like a good idea in order to keep the tooth.  But the potential health consequences may not outweigh the advantage of keeping your own tooth.  Yes, nothing can replace what you originally had which prevents the loss of bone and maintains proprioceptive feedback to your brain and nervous system.  The problem is a dead tooth can never be completely sterilized due to the numerous microcanals and accessory canals that could not be debrided.  These canals are inaccessible to instrumentation by your Dentist and the sterilization solutions can not kill all the bacteria.  Furthermore, the existing nonpathogenic bacteria mutate into pathogenic anaerobic bacteria due to the ideal environment.

Therefore, you have a dead tooth that is infected with anaerobic bacteria that are being forced into your bloodstream every time you bite down. Since there is no blood supply to the tooth, the white blood cells of your immune system are unable to provide any immune protection. The environment is acidic and lacking in oxygen to further promote the chronic infection.

Most of the time, you will not have any symptoms at the root canal site; therefore, you or your health practitioner will not even consider that this could be a problem.

Dr. Weston Price, a Dentist and researcher for the American Dental Association, first investigated this problem with root canals. He found that not only do these root canal teeth harbor dangerous bacteria, they also provide serious chemical toxins.

Dr. George Meinig further supported this research in his book “Root Canal Cover-up”. Dr. Meinig was one of the founding members of the Endodontic Society (root canal specialists). Dr Meinig had performed thousands of root canals before discovering the research concerning toxic root canals.

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