Toxic Fluoride

Toxic Waste in Your Water

Chances are you are not even aware of the controversy…

On this site you’ll find information, articles and links to research about a controversial subject that has spread all the way to the U.S. Congress. Silicofluorides, a waste product made during the production of phosphate fertilizers, have been dumped into many public water supplies continously for more than 40 years.

This has led to disturbing mass medication, without any informed consent or labeling for the consumer, without any dosage control or concern for the health, or age, of the person consuming it. Today, the fluoride once added to the water in a few communities, has spread to un-fluoridated communities and into the manufactured food and beverages we consume.

Even though fluoride has been positively linked to dental fluorosis (which causes more dental damage and expense now than cavities), brittle bones, inhibited melatonin production (which can trigger the early onset of sexual maturation) and neurological impairment, our children are being regularly overdosed above the recommended “safe” doses that start at NONE for infants under six months.

The Institute for Biological Dentistry is proud to present this information so you can explore this subject and make your own informed decisions.

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